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Our smart touchscreen motorized deadbolt lock is as satisfying to operate as it is to look at. Our DB2-B Gold Combo includes our Alfred Connect Wifi Intergration Accessory included in the box allowing you remote access to Lock or Unlock your door from anywhere throught the Alfred App. Also includes Bluetooth connectivity for One-Touch access, allowing you to simply touch the unit while your phone is nearby to open the lock. Comes with Key override cylinder if you still want to have a physical key to carry with you. An optional Z-Wave module allows you to operate the lock remotely using 3rd Party Hubs like SmartThings and Vera.

  • Know who enters, and when, with up to 20 unique pin codes, single use pin codes, or time sensitive pin codes
  • Alfred features no moving parts, or buttons only a touch screen
  • Alfred is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Mandarin for verbal voice prompts
  • Comes with pair of keys for front Deadbolt keyway access
  • Connect to select smart home hubs with addition of Alfred Z-wave module (sold separately)