Hello, I’m Alfred.

A new smart home

touchscreen deadbolt for your door.

And your personal concierge.

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Making your
smart home smarter.

Get to know Alfred.

Alfred looks quite dashing, too.


Choose between
chrome, gold or black finishes to
match your style and décor.

A motorized deadbolt
offers smooth and
secure operation.


"I LOVE and I mean LOVE the product.  I so wish I had learned about this years ago and would have saved me a lot of looking for keys, locking myself out, and stressful attempts at finding my spare key. It's gorgeous and so easy to install (my husband is NOT handy at all)!"

Erin Smith

There for you,
wherever you are.

Use your app to lock and unlock Alfred remotely.

Know who’s
coming and going.

There’s always
another way in.

Alfred is connected.

  • Connect to your phone using the available z-wave module, allowing you to use the lock with Google Home or Alexa apps when connected through your smart home hub.
  • Connect with Bluetooth and bring it all to your fingertips.

Download at the app store.

How to install
your Alfred lock

Alfred easily fits almost any standard door. Take a look at the video for full instructions.

You can also download 3D instructions using our partner, BILT.

for your safety.


What do I do if I forget to replace the batteries? [ + ]

Don’t worry, you’re not locked out. You can power your lock with the micro USB port on the bottom of the unit and open the lock. But we do hope you have a fresh set of batteries with you.

Does Alfred work with a key? [ + ]

Our DB2B lock offers optional keyed entry, in addition to the keypad. Just a little added piece of mind, should you need it.

Can Alfred speak different languages? [ + ]

Yes! Voice prompts are available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Alfred has a real facility with language.

Will Alfred fit my door? [ + ]

Quite likely. Alfred fits in most standard doors, and installation is simple. Take a look at the installation video and you’ll have it working in no time.

Will Alfred work with my smart home app? [ + ]

Alfred is equipped to work with the Google Home and Alexa apps on most iOS and Android devices when used with your smart home hub. The optional z-wave module (also incredibly easy to install) is required to make the connection.

What if I don’t want anyone with a code to use the lock? [ + ]

We all need a moment to ourselves. Privacy mode blocks out all codes (except yours). Away mode does the same, with the addition of an alarm sounding if the door is opened from the inside, or with a key (if so equipped).

Need more help? [ + ]

Please visit the Support Page for installation, programming process documentation and more FAQs.

Alfred Locks

You can also purchase Alfred locks directly from your favourite retailers.


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