Partnership Announcement

The World’s First Wirelessly Powered Smart Locks

Alfred has teamed Up with Wi-Charge to offer a wireless power solution using Wi Charge’s patented AirCord™ technology to assure the Alfred Lock is always charged. No need to ever replace or service batteries again!



  • Simple ceiling or wall mount of Wi-Charge wireless power transmitter.
  • Small size visually blends with most décors.
  • White, black, and custom colors available.
  • Plug and Play for most installations. 
  • Wi-Fi connected for remote health and activity monitoring.

Wirelessly Powered Smart Lock Applications

1) Commercial and Hospitality Properties – Peace of mind with lock and wireless power transmitter connected to the building’s Access Control System.

2) MDU, Apartment, And Condominium Property Managers – ability to remotely manage entry codes without the fear of a lockout of a guest or tenant.

3) Homeowners And Airbnb Property Managers who wish to upgrade to a Smart lock without worry of tenants or owners being locked out.

How It Works

  • An Alfred lock that supports the Wi-Charge AirCord™ technology receives safe, Infrared energy from a ceiling or wall mounted transmitter within line of sight of the lock
  • Multiple transmitter mounting configurations available including gimbal and recessed ceiling mount
  • The Wi-Charge transmitter is effective from distances up to 10 meters/30 feet from the lock
  • Wi-Fi connected, the Wi-Charge transmitter can report charge level and health check
  • Other AirCord™ enabled products can also be powered by the same transmitter if in the line of sight and within 10 meters/30 feet 

Wi-Charge CES 2022 with Alfred Smart Locks



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