DB1 with Bluetooth and Z-Wave

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Our DB1 Series smart touchscreen motorized deadbolt locks with Built in Z-Wave bring the Alfred design aesthetic to a more streamlined lock, allowing you to select the options you need. Featuring a touchscreen with no moving parts or buttons for a smooth, clean surface. The DB1-B and DB1-C models include both Bluetooth and Z-Wave connectivity. Featuring Z-Wave Plus technology to allow you to connect to your existing Smart Home Hubs like SmartThings, Vera, Ezlo, Hubitat and more 3rd party Hubs utilizing Z-Wave to take full control of your lock remotely. Comes in 2 models, DB1-B with key override and the fully Keyless DB1-C. Both models also retain Bluetooth connectivity for One-Touch access, allowing you to simply touch the unit when your phone is nearby to open the lock. Select your entry mechanism if you rather be with or without physical key override at checkout.

  • Built in Z-Wave Plus chip using US Frequency
  • Connect to 3rd party Smart Hubs like SmartThings, Vera, Ezlo and Hubitat
  • Bluetooth operation standard on both models
  • Assign up to 20 unique PIN codes – Including 1 time use and scheduled reoccurring codes
  • Connects via Bluetooth to Alfred Home App in case your other Smart Hub or WIFI disconnects
  • Status indicator lights and Low battery Warning at the lock
  • Visual Pin Protection – use numbers in addition to your unique pin number and still operate the lock, making it more difficult for someone to guess you code
  • BILT 3D Digital Installation instructions
  • DB1-B featuring key override with 2 physical keys in box and built in Z-Wave
  • DB1-C featuring keyless touchscreen face plate and built in Z-Wave

DB1 Series Programming Instructions [English | Français | Español]

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3D Instructions with BILT 

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DB1 Spec Sheet


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