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Our entry-level smart home touchscreen motorized deadbolt lock brings the Alfred design aesthetic to a more streamlined lock, allowing you to select the options you need. Featuring a touchscreen with no moving parts or buttons for a smooth, clean surface. All DB1 models include Bluetooth connectivity for One-Touch access, allowing you to simply touch the unit when your phone is nearby to open the lock. Featuring Z-wave and/or key override, depending on the model. Select your entry mechanism at checkout.

  • Bluetooth operation standard on all DB1 locks
  • Assign up to 20 unique PIN codes
  • Status indicator lights
  • DB1 featuring keypad touchscreen, unique PIN codes and Bluetooth operation.
  • DB1-A featuring key override
  • DB1-B featuring key override and Z-wave
  • DB1-C featuring Z-wave

DB1 Spec Sheet


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DB-1 - Base model $ 149.00 USD
DB1-A - w/Key Override $ 149.00 USD
DB1-B - w/Key Override & Z-Wave $ 199.00 USD
DB1-C - w/Z-Wave $ 199.00 USD