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Our entry-level smart home touchscreen motorized deadbolt lock brings the Alfred design aesthetic to a more streamlined lock, allowing you to select the options you need. Featuring a touchscreen with no moving parts or buttons for a smooth, clean surface. All DB1 models include Bluetooth connectivity for One-Touch access, allowing you to simply touch the unit when your phone is nearby to open the lock. Featuring Z-wave and/or key override, depending on the model. An optional Alfred Connect Wifi Bridge allows you to operate the lock remotely and adds Google Home Assistant or Alexa voice control support. Select your entry mechanism at checkout.

  • Bluetooth operation standard on all DB1 locks
  • Assign up to 20 unique PIN codes
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Alfred Home App
  • Status indicator lights
  • DB1 featuring keypad touchscreen, unique PIN codes and Bluetooth operation.
  • DB1-A featuring key override
  • DB1-B featuring key override and Z-wave 
  • DB1-C featuring Z-wave


Entry Mechanism Qty Price Buy
DB-1 - Base model $ 119.00 USD
DB1-A - w/Key Override $ 119.00 USD
DB1-B - w/Key Override & Z-Wave $ 159.00 USD
DB1-C - w/Z-Wave $ 159.00 USD